Imagine a world where IIoT sensors...

did not require direct power or batteries

could communicate
wirelessly in real-time

and could work in any harsh environment

At SenSanna, we are making the impossible possible.

What is Surface Acoustic Wave?

Most people are familiar with RFID where a reader is aimed at an RFID tag and, with the push of a button, product code information can be retrieved.  The RFID tags themselves do not require power and communicate wireless to the reader.

Surface Acoustic Wave works in much the same way.  Readers are used to communicate to SAW sensor devices that communicate wireless and without the need for power.  The biggest difference is that SAW devices can retrieve environmental, electric, and even chemical information about the environment in which they are installed. 

And there are other differences as well...

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors can be used to measure many types of environmental variables.

SenSanna brings it all together in one platform.  Introducing...

The industry's first end-to-end Surface Acoustic Wave sensing platform for Industrial IoT applications that does not require power, communicates wirelessly in near real-time, and works in any environment on Earth...or beyond.

Embedded Device Modules

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) "modules" of different types capable of measuring temperature, humidity, voltage, current, strain, and chemical presence.  These devices are the heart-and-soul of any SAW-based system.

System Readers

Gateway devices which serve as the central "hub" for reading data from SAW-based embedded devices via wireless communications.  Depending on the application, SenSanna's readers can communicate with up to 100 sensors.


Sensor Reference Designs

Industry-specific reference design solutions for various targeted applications.  Channel partners can utilize our solutions to augment missing parts of their catalog and technology partners can build on these designs to make them their own.


System Visualization Platform

Software visualization platform for viewing and trending sensor information.  Our platform can also be used to feed data into customer specific systems and 3rd party applications.