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SenSanna develops technologies based on its proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors. These sensors have unique and defining characteristics that make them ideal for environments that prevent typical silicon based sensors from reliably operating.  The SenSanna SAW sensors have been used in a variety of these applications including power line monitoring, gas and oil drilling down hole monitoring, turbine engine reliability, tooling reliability.

SenSanna sensors are able to read parameters such as current, voltage, strain, temperature and chemical presence/absence. Additionally, they can operate at extreme temperature ranges – from cryogenic to over 1000°F.

We are building a strong, collaborative team to deliver the products that are part of the transformation of the power grid into a dynamic smart grid. At SenSanna you'll be a part of a startup that is solving interesting and challenging problems and doing work that is critically important to our society.


Positions Available:

Mechanical Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer


If you believe you are qualified for the positions listed above and want to work in a company that is dynamic and creating new technologies, you can contact us at hr@sensanna.com.